Provided Services

Provided Services

The UTH caslab research group provides its services through participation in joint research and/or development projects agreed with public and private entities.

The research group is also available for carrying out design work and measurements on behalf of third parties.

Finally, other University Departments, students, faculty, and staff are supported.

List of Provided Services

  • Custom EDA Tools implementation

    • Custom implementation from scratch, or tweaking of existing EDA algorithms, in the Placcement, STA, 3DIC or asynchronous design space, focusing on niche design problems or implementation requirements

  • Implementation, Verification and Analysis of Digital IP Blocks

    • Logic Synthesis, analysis and Physical design services for Digital IP Blocks

  • IP Blocks or Systems Development

    • Services for IP Block design at RTL level or otherwise, or system level integration

  • System architecture & System Analysis

    • Transceiver, PLL/ Frequency Synthesizer, Analog Baseband, Analog Front End

  • RF/MM-Wave IC design services

    • Low Noise Amplifiers, VCOs, Frequency doublers/quadruplers, Active and passive up/down conversion mixers, Fully Integrated 60-GHz transceivers, Fully Integrated E-band transceivers

  • Analog/Mixed Signal IC design services

    • Variable Gain Amplifiers, Linear-in-dB gain control, Voltage references, Fractional/Integer-N PLLs and sub-blocks, Analog Basebands, Analog Front-Ends

  • Analog/RF Testing & Measurements

    • Test Plan Definition, Execution of Analog/RF measurements, Characterization in temperature and power supply, Data evaluation and presentation

  • Feasibility studies related to the research interests of the research group

    • Feasibility studies can be undertaken in the following areas:

    • Analog/Mixed Signal design

    • RF/MM wave design

    • Test plans/characterization of Analog and RF modules

  • Train students, technicians, engineers and end users utilizing the latest technology in semiconductor industry

    • Workshops/Seminars can be organized to train engineers, technicians and university students, in the areas of Analog, Mixed Signal and RF design, as well as using equipment and setting-up test plans and characterization scenarios