PhD Theses

  1. Ioannis F. Zographopoulos, "High Speed Analog Electronics" [ongoing]

  2. E-A. Antonopoulos, "RF Circuits and Systems for Telecommunications" [ongoing]

  3. Nikolaos K. Sketopoulos, "3DIC CAD Placement Flows and Algorithms yielding improved PPA, supporting MIV constraints" [ongoing]

MSc Theses

  1. Ioannis F. Zographopoulos, "Design of a 16nm FinFET 16GHz differential LC-VCO"

  2. E-A. Antonopoulos, "Design of an LTE receiver for carrier aggregation"

  3. Nikolaos K. Sketopoulos, "Electronic Design Automation Algorithms for Standard Cell Legalization in Microelectronic Circuits"

  4. Delakoura Angeliki, "3D Standard-Cell Placement Basedon Circuit Partitioning"

  5. Georgios Kontoninas, "Developing Laboratory Applications and Instructions for the Course of Electrical Circuits" [ongoing]

Diploma Theses

  1. Ioannis F. Zographopoulos, "Design of a 16GHz oscillator in 16nm CMOS"

  2. E-A. Antonopoulos, "Design and Implementation of Active Filters"

  3. Zavvou Myrto, "Sound Effects Circuits"

  4. Alexandros Zacharatos, "Design of a 5GHz CMOS Low Noise Amplifier"

  5. Polizois-Alexandros Fotiou, "Spectrum sensing for cognitive radio"

  6. Georgios Triantafillidis, "Design of multiband 4G transceiver employing carrier aggregation"

  7. Louiza Gani, "Circuit design of voltage reference in 180nm CMOS technology"

  8. Timoleon Giagoudakis, "Study and design of an ampifier class AD"

  9. Konstantinos Anastasiou, "Study and Design of 2.5GHz Low Noise Amplifier in 180nm CMOS"

  10. Athanasia Mpatziaka & Christina Mpitou, "Design of the AFE circuits for a RFID"

  11. Nikolaos Dimas, "Design of a class-D audio amplifier"

  12. Georgios Papastamopoulos & Dimitrios Datsogiannis, "Development and implementation of electronic and electrical system of sensors and interfaces for high performance engine control"

  13. Konstantina Xanthi, "Oscillators' analysis in high frequencies"

  14. Xanthos Vlachos, "Implementation and Analysis of Placement Algorithms based on methods of Mechanics (Force Directed) for Microelectronic Circuits"

  15. Nikolaos K. Sketopoulos, "Electronic automation algorithms for standard cell placement in microelectronic circuits"

  16. Giaourtas P. Michail, "Implementation and Analysis of Placement Algorithms based on Mechanical Methods (Force Directed) for Microelectronic Circuits"

  17. Ntentos Stavros, "Analysis and Implementation of Analytical Placement Algorithms for Microelectronic Circuits"

  18. Georgios Savvopoulos-Vasilopoulos, "Review of performance of CMOS oscillators" [ongoing]

  19. Stilianos Siamos, "Design of an audio amplifier" [ongoing]

Technical Reports

  1. Ioannis F. Zographopoulos, "Implementation and Experimental Evaluation of Rings and Hartley type Oscillators" [in Greek]

  2. Ioannis F. Zographopoulos, "Design and Optimization of a 16Ghz LNA in 180nm CMOS" [in Greek]

  3. Nikolaos Sketopoulos, Stavros Simoglou, Christos Sotiriou, "Abax: 2D/3D Legaliser Supporting Look-Ahead Legalisation and Blockage Strategies"